Our commitments are an expression of our desire to give you high-quality services
 and to keep in mind the expectations that you expect.
Your Leading Elevator Service Provider


American provides modernization service customized to each customers need. We are prepared to meet unique requirements and up to date cab designs for each business’s specific application. Our sales staff presents detailed layouts for your approval and guarantees on-time, hassle-free delivery. American provides:

* The latest solid-state technology using Non-Proprietary Controls *

* Traction and hydraulic elevators

* Chairlifts and dumbwaiters

* Up to date elevator cabs and accessories

* Modernization of existing equipment

* Installation of alternating and direct current drive systems.

* Escalator & material handling equipment

Why Non-Proprietary?

Original Equipment Manufacturers build elevator control systems that can only be accessed by using a specific electronic tool. These tools typically utilize patented or copyrighted and highly proprietary software to communicate with the elevator control system’s on-board computers. When such copyrighted software and special equipment is required to service a control system, the building owner has only one option for all future elevator maintenance and repairs—the original equipment manufacturer. How does the building owner control the cost and quality of maintenance?

American installs non-proprietary controls in order to ensure the owner the right to select and retain maintenance providers based on customer satisfaction, not access to a service tool.