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American Elevator is a licensed contractor available for your jurisdictions qualified elevator safety tests. We can also provide a turn-key service for your safety tests that includes the scheduling of a third-party QEI.

QEI Consultation

American Elevator Employees Two Qualified Elevator Inspectors providing customers consultation and recommendations based on your jurisdiction’s elevator safety code as well as fully qualified reviews of your current elevator systems.


Maintenance and service prices often vary from vendor to vendor depending upon the maintenance program and package offered. American Elevator will work with your facility to specify a maintenance package and program to suit your individual needs. Customers can then use the specifications to ‘bid’ out their elevator maintenance services while being assured quotes received are for equivalent packages.


American provides modernization services customized to each customer’s specific needs. We are prepared to meet unique requirements and up to date cab designs for each business’s specific application. Our sales staff presents detailed layouts for your approval and guarantees on-time, hassle-free delivery.